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  • Forget what Office used to look like? Read through these 12 historical versions.
    Heure : Jun. 26, 2019 De : VIP-SCDKEY


    Office in the DOS era

    A long time ago, computers had no graphical interface, and the screen was all code, that is DOS. What is UI? No one knows. Computer threshold is very high, the average person still can't play.

    The picture below is Office in the era of DOS. I really can't imagine how this software was typeset without graphic interface.




    Office 1.0

    Bill Gates said to let every family have a computer on the table, then the threshold of the computer must be lowered, so the era of user graphics interface has come, pure code DOS interface is not friendly, in the words of the word is the user experience is very bad.When Office1.0 came out in 1990, it was an epoch-making creation, with graphical operations and much lower barriers to entry.The three software versions are Word 1.1, Excel 2.0 and PowerPoint 2.0.

    The picture below is the interface of Word at that time. Is it difficult to accept in terms of current aesthetics? But it basically sets the framework for Word for decades to come.




    Office 3.0

    Office3.0 was launched in 1992, with no major changes in the interface, and was later renamed Office92.




    Office 4.0

    When Office4.0 was launched in 1994, there were no big changes.




    Office 95

    1995 the Windows95 operating system was released, along with Office 95.Starting with this release, the software version number in Office is the same as the version number in Office.For example, Word 7.0, Excel 7.0, PowerPoint 7.0.




    Office 97

    1996 November released Office97, the interface details are more perfect.

    In this version, Microsoft offers a small assistant, a small paper clip with big eyes moving in the lower right corner, to help users.It turns out the guy's English name was Clippy, which was removed in 2007.




    Office 2000

    When Office2000 was released in 1999, desktop ICONS were redesigned to have a modern Internet icon feel.From this generation, the main color is determined.


    Clippy has taken on a new look, giving it a more three-dimensional sheen and bringing along a few of its friends.




    Office XP

    It was released in 2001, the same year Windows XP was released.Although the new Office XP name has the codename "XP," it doesn't just run on Windows XP, it's named after the marketing gimmick of the time.

    The interface is softer and more modern than the 2000 version, less stiff and more in line with the style of the Internet era.



    Office 2003

    Released in 2003, this version of Office has a new logo and is the oldest version in use.

    The background of toolbar ICONS has been greatly optimized, and the whole interface is in harmony with the blue theme of XP system, which has got rid of the original feeling in the previous interface and started to enter the modern design style.Desktop ICONS are more three-dimensional and textured than their predecessors.



    Office 2007

    Released in 2007, this version of the interface has undergone another major change, is my favorite version.Interactively, the tool menu is integrated, the interface looks very pleasant, the whole detail control is very good, especially the use of highlight projection, editing text in Word is a kind of enjoyment.Desktop ICONS are also well designed and structured.



    Office 2010

    Released in 2010, the interface was further evolved, but compared to 2007 it was stripped of style details in favor of simplicity, with large areas of light blue removed from the interface.Office main logo details adjustment, become orange yellow gradient.Desktop ICONS are also more elegant, and this version of ICONS personally feel better than before.Most of the software has its own monogram.



    Office 2013

    Released in 2013, the main Office logo changed dramatically and became more concise.2013 is also the year when iOS7 was released, and the Internet design style began to develop in a flat direction.
    All the details in the previous interface were removed, leaving only the information itself and the theme color.This design suits the web version very well, and indicates that Microsoft products begin to develop towards cloud and cross-platform.



    Office 2016

    In the version I'm currently using, the ICONS have not changed much, but the biggest change in the interface is that the top navigation is highlighted with solid colors, which are very layered.



    Office 2019

    Released in the second half of 2018, the official version is the latest version.2019 need Win10 system to install, many Win7 users can not experience, many new features have been added, so get started.



    Office 365


    In addition to the regular Office version, there's Office 365. What's the difference?Simply put, 365 is a subscription, cloud-based web service that needs to be renewed every year and offers many other services.

    Office 365 is complete the cloud as early as in 2011 has been released, main interface and contemporary Office is basically the same, just 365 users will obtain continuously updated, such as Office 2019 launch, Microsoft Office 365 subscribers to push the Ribbon user interface of a wave of updates, UI interface details the iterative optimization.




    As for the future development of Office, Microsoft has given us some directions. In addition to user needs, usage scenarios and application of new technologies, the new visual language will also play an important role.



    What versions of office have you used? Which one impressed you the most?

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  • #1 Admin 2019-07-01

    Congrats nt***@hotmail.com win a free Office2019 Professional Plus CD Key Global. We have sent a notice email to you,please check and reply to receive your key through email. Thank you all for your support and participation,stay tuned for more offers & giveaways.

  • #2 No Onecanseeme 2019-06-29

    My favorite was office 2003, its the best office package I've ever used especially during my school time to complete those projects. It is the best in my experience.

  • #3 Jon Fields 2019-06-28

    That I remember I've used office 2003, 2010, 2013, 2016 & 365. Surely the best was Office 365.

  • #4 dadaniel.***@gmail.com 2019-06-28

    I have used office 97, 2003,2007, 2016 & 365. My favorite was 2007. I just liked the interface.

  • #5 JOSE GONZALEZ 2019-07-19

    I loved office 2000 When Office2000 was released in 1999, desktop ICONS were redesigned to have a modern Internet icon feel.From this generation, the main color is determined.

  • #6 Becky Jensen 2019-06-30

    i used office 97, 2003, 2007, 2010, and my most favorite was the 2007 bc it brought the new file extensions but still had some of the older versions charm, after 2010+ it started to feel like a totally different program, what with all of the new windows aesthetics that were whipping through the techverse. I am an I.T. professional and mostly use office for one off documents or as a training tool for business customers looking to learn a few tricks. Where would we ALL be without the WORD? MUCH<3

  • #7 Kristof Mitre 2019-06-30

    97/2000 - for the easy to access clipart that didn't need internet access

  • #8 DKe5a156****890039 2019-06-29

    I have used 2003,2007, 2016 & 365. My favourite was 2016 I liked how modern it was and the way it ran.

  • #9 jo***@gmail.com 2019-06-29

    I found the Clippy feature annoying.

  • #10 gi***@hotmail.com 2019-06-29

    Microsoft Office, the best version I think was 2007.

  • #11 vavampire.***@gmail.com 2019-06-28

    I have used almost all version of Office (I remember the dos version of Word!!! hahaha) But the version I prefer is definitely 2019. I like the ribbon and the clean look of one color for each apps! :)

  • #12 SC***@Arbouw.com 2019-06-28

    Starting Office 1 in college and OF365 now for work.... its like seeing your kids grow up.. but software :) Office 2019 is my favorite so far.

  • #13 DKd***3 2019-06-28

    The most that I used is 2007, I am still impressed by this version for his flexibility and can still run on modern pc's.

  • #14 Simon Kuehl 2019-06-28

    I really hatted Clippo. It was really annoying.

  • #15 kh***@hotmail.com 2019-06-28

    We still use Office 2007 at work now, our IT guy just likes it the best but I keep trying to convince him to upgrade.

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